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About Us...

Simtech Industries, Inc. is owned and operated by Ed and Chris Simpkins.  With a combined total of over fifty years of experience in precision manufacturing, our expertise is unmatched.  We specialize in the can tooling industry with the capability of holding very close tolerances.  Please see our tooling page for a list of specific can tooling that we currently make.  Other industries served include the United States Military, steel manufacturing facilities, firearms manufacturing, furniture crafting, tractor-trailer components industry, and pet food production lines. We supply various other industries with tooling for their production lines including assembly and conveyor systems.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and get your project complete. We take a quality first approach to all of our jobs and we have the determination to get the job done according to our clients' timelines. We are always looking for opportunities to form new alliances and friendships with prospective clients.



Edward F. Simpkins


Chris Simpkins